4/19/06- Fast forward 3 years. Ok, so maybe i havent been to frequent with the updates. Understatement? Possibly. Regardless, we're back. It's down to the original three again: Anthony, Travis and Damian. In the two weeks we've been back together, we already have a new sponsor, CQB Military Surplus, spent a day running drills and playing pickup games, and have a practice set for this weekend with a 3man tournament the following weekend. Expect much more to follow.

4/14/03- WOW, a news update! sorry, just been a busy month for me and the team...ok so we've been steady reffing at action town for the last month, ever since the day money actually we've had two or three guys there reffing every saturday and sunday..earning that paint :p. we did Action Towns team practice day about, oh, 4 weeks ago (man it has been a long time), and that went good but got rained out about 2 hours into it. we had some good games though. we also practiced yesterday at action town against Extreme Allies and had a very good day as well....beautiful weather, decent competition, and good attitudes, which is important. I also want to thank Matt Stone for coming out, a veteran from On a Mission who definitely gave us a run for our money. We've decided to ref, practice and save paint devote ourselves to 5man tournaments now, with the first one being the Atlantic Coast Tournament Series Regional hosted at Splatbrothers on June 22. because it will be our first 5man tournament, we wanted to have enough time to practice the 5man and work out the flaws. We will also be doing a CFOA (@ wildwood i believe), one Pursuit Cup event, and i think one more ACTS. hmm think that about does it for now...but i promise updates will be more frequent. :p

3/19/03- A few more things I just thought I'd update. Me and Tim went and watched the Ronn Stern tournament the day after the Day Money. It was *very* muddy and rainy and I really didnt see that many teams out there at all. We think that we might have had a chance out there but we wouldnt have had as much fun as we did saturday, b/c of the weather. In other news, I put a contact page up b/c people have had problems finding out how to get in touch with us. Also, last week we worked out a "reffing for paint" deal with Jeff for the Ft. Eustis field. John reffed Saturday, and we hope to be putting two guys there each day of the weekend to accrue some paint for upcoming tourneys. Speaking of our upcoming tourneys, we had a partial meeting last night with about 4 of us and we're having a formal meeting soon to discuss that. We've got a few things under wraps an when we get a final word on them I'll post up. Thats all for now.

3/15/03- Ahhh what a day. Although it was by far the longest tournament I've ever played in or witnessed, the games, field, refs, and overall vibe of this tournament was outstanding. Oh, and did i mention TEAM TENSION FIRST PLACE? A great win for our team, and a great day of paintball in general because of the competition. We also had fourth place as well, with Black getting fourth and Gray getting first. While every tournament has its snags along the way, the reffing staff did a great job with the load of over 110 games on their hands. Great job guys, and hope to see you at the next Day Money! Looking forward, we're meeting soon to discuss our next event, possibly even the CFOA. I'll keep you posted. And check out the new pictures in the gallery from the tourney as well.

3/12/03- Just days away from the Day Money, and everythings falling into place. Paint is worked out, banner worked out, all markers are ready to go, and both teams are amped up. The two teams have been meeting separately to discuss their strategies but both teams are on the same page. My team, the team of Damian, Anthony, and Travis, will go under the name Tension Gray, while Robert, Abel, and Tim will go under Tension Black. Neither is labelled as better than the other (no A and B), just doing this to distinguish them. The night after the tourney I'll post up everything, so check back this weekend! Oh ya, still getting around to those changes... :)

3/09/03- Ok, time for some more news...We did a walk of the field and a little bit of practicing at the PBA field today, just to get our feet wet over there b/c we had yet to get over there as a team. We learned to play the bunker types, and with what paint and air we had, we played some recballers in speedball. A good day I'd say, we also got our deal worked out with our banner, being created by Look Signs in Gloucester. It looks awesome, and it should be ready by the tournament. We're gonna take some pictures at the field on Saturday with it, and I'll get them posted. I'm also gonna be adding a few things to the site tommorrow, so check back soon for updates.

2/25/03- Well, there were mixed reviews from our players as to how the practice went this last Sunday, but I found it very eye-opening and beneficial. We practiced with Second Nature, an Amateur team formerly known as Team PBA. Hans ran us through some drills and showed us a few things, and then we scrimmaged. In all, we learned where our mistakes are coming from, and now we can work them out at PBA's field in two Sundays before the tournament. After practice me and Anthony had a long, beneficial talk, and now we can see not only what we need to improve, but how we're going to do it. And so the team gets stronger and stronger....

2/18/03- Alright, its that time again, practice this sunday, dues are up again, and its time for you non-paying jabroni's to ante up fools...haha anyway, practice is gonna consist of mainly drills this weekend, to get ready for the tournies in a few weeks, pba and possibly hopewell. The practice after this one is scheduled to be at pba, to play there field since we're basically the only team going that hasn't. Thats all for now.

2/12/03- Yea its been awhile since a news update, but that doesnt mean we've slowed down. In fact, it means we're too busy with the team to post on the site :-D. So where to start, ok the Action Town Sponsor went through, and now we're getting sweet deals on paint and basically practice at the field for near nothing. I just want to thank Bobby for understanding how hard it is for a team to take off in this industry, and the help he's giving us is a huge help to us. Next, we had a great practice this past Sunday, with everyone being out there, giving 110%, despite the mud and paint being a few sizes to big for some barrels. We've got a few tourney's up ahead, and we're gearing up. We're seriously looking at the Virginia Pursuit Cup right now, amid other local tourneys and Ronn Stern's Series. A few gun changes are in the works, Roberts getting an Adrenaline Impulse, Danny's switching to an Impulse as well, and is dedicating himself to the backfield. Practice again not this Sunday, but next. Come scrimmage us :).

2/3/03- OK so we had a very progressive team meeting sunday, and alot of decisions were made. First off, Chris never showed, despite numberous attempts to reach him. Unfortunately, we haven't seen too from him in the past 6 months, so we had to make a brutal decision, and the team voted him off. Sometimes decisions like that have to be made on a team though. Other decisions made, we established team dues, and set a potential practice date for this Sunday. I say potential because I'm working on a sponsorship that will help us out alot with practicing. Speaking of sponsorship, the whole team is now involved in actively seeking out sponsorship, as we now have a portfolio and team picture to show local businesses. We've also established at tentative core of events we plan to attend this season, but I'll hold in posting those until the aforementioned sponsorship deal is worked out. We're also setting a team car wash for sometime in early March. A few other minor decisions were made, but that's about the extent of it. Oh there's some more pics up in the gallery and a team pic on the roster page. Robert has a pic now and Tim has a new one.

1/31/03- Team Tension has worked out an advertising deal with paintball-online.com today, and if you click on the banner on our links page, and buy from their site, Team Tension will recieve 5% of every purchase made (make sure to click our banner first though). While not technically a sponsor, this deal should help bring in some extra income for the team. In other news, our page is closing in on 400 hits already! The good news just keeps pouring in, so keep checking here for more.

1/29/03- Another Team Tension newsbit for you today...there's a new link on the links page that sends you to Against The Grain Paintball's website. AGP is another local team that plays down in the va beach area. They have an awesome site and the guy I talked to seems really cool. We'll definitely be scrimmaging them in the future. Good luck AGP!

1/28/03- A day after launching the site, Anthony and I decided that I would take on most of the external runnings of the team, since he's busy with school and all. So now we'll both be considered co-captains. More news, there will be a team meeting at Anthony's this sunday at 2:00 to take a formal team picture and discuss internal team affairs. I'll post decisions of that meeting next monday. By the way, the first day online was awesome, with over 130 hits already. Potential sponsors might find that interesting :)

1/27/03- Alright, first things first, we launched the site! Sweet...And in other news, we've added a player to our roster, Tim Smith, who we used to play with quite a bit back when Anthony, Travis, and myself worked at Hot Shots. Since, Tim's went threw a bunch of guns and played in a bunch of tournies, most considerably playing with the Carolina Stingers in the CFOA. He'll be a great addition to the team I'm sure. The team's getting together soon to talk about our next practice, to set a date and location. I'll post it on here when we figure it out. Oh yea, and Travis is still out of action due to surgery, but should be playing again within a month. --Damian