Here's some links to sites of the local fields we play at, teams we affiliate with, and anything else we can think of that needs linking too ;).

Save at
Ok, check this out, if you have ANY online paintball purchases to make, please CLICK ON THIS BANNER, and shop at paintball online. This is where I bought my Matrix and they have great prices. Plus, if you click on this banner, and then shop at, 5% of your total purchase will be credited to Team Tension. No, you will not pay 5% extra, but 5% of what you were already going to pay will be credited to an account that will be mailed to us in the form of a check. By doing this you help our team out incredibly, at no expense to yourself. So please, shop here!!

Action Town Sports
Our sponsoring homefield, this place has a great sup air field, which can easily be converted from a 3man to a 5man field. It also has a nice wooded field for those rec ballers, which is huge. But seriously, if you want to start into tournament paintball, put together a team and play HERE

Paintball Ally
This is where we hope to start doing regular practices soon, on their speedball field, a great bunch of guys own and ref it, and overall a fun place to be.

Team Extreme Allies
Another local paintball team. Good group of guys that play at the field in Bethel Park, I'd reccomend going here and emailing them if you want info on Bethel, which is another good place to play in the area.

Team AGP
Against the Grain Paintball is a local team that practices down in the Va beach area and Master Blasters. A very nice site, and a team that we hope to get up with real soon!